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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) simply refers to cultivating all the factors that tell search engines (such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo) what your website is about and that it is deserving of top rankings. It’s how search engines know what results to display when you submit a query.

The search engines are constantly assessing everything related to your brand online and connecting that to your website. They evaluate this in comparison to others like you, and they rank them all in order of their perceived value in relation to the search query.

Search engines such as Google pride themselves in providing searchers the most relevant and helpful results, and they track every interaction between a searcher and website to constantly inform the decisions they make. That’s why at Etna we believe SEO requires constant care and upkeep. It’s the long game, and while there are clear factors to influencing this, there are no magic tricks.

At Power Star Media, we implement proven SEO best practices—and leading-edge products private practices and facilities — to make your website a high-performance resource for potential patients and establish your brand across the internet.

We take an integrated approach to online marketing because, in our more than 15 years of experience, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the various ranking factors and how they are all tied together. Our strategists assess everything the search engine evaluates, from technology to content and social media properties. We consider your technical needs, and all the foundational elements that will inform the ongoing work we perform, such as researching your keywords and understanding how many people in your area are searching for what you provide. This will guide the content we produce for your website, the profiles we establish or enhance for your practice, the information we share on your social media properties, and the paid advertisement we manage for you.

Our strategists and marketing teams work together to build fully integrated and ongoing marketing plans based on your needs, goals, and budget. Our strategic plans include:

    • Creating & refreshing your website content
    • Paid advertising with unique, high-conversion landing pages
    • Writing and promoting blog posts
    • Regular social media posts and promotions
    • Partnering with industry bloggers for opportunities to showcase your expertise or review a product or service
    • Building links to your site from other, high-value sites and establishing your site’s authority
    • Refreshing your website technology to stay current as it evolves

And we make everything we do measurable, with data continuously informing our next moves for you.

How SEO Is Different at Power Star Media

There’s no shortage of online marketing companies and again, there’s no magic trick to winning at SEO. While success requires consistent effort, it can’t be achieved by simply going through a checklist. At Power Star Media, we create a unique plan for each of our clients in which tactics are interconnected. We’ve incorporated basic business principles within our marketing teams to not only execute the work that’s most valuable to our clients, but to measure everything and inform the decisions we make next.

We share metrics with our clients monthly so they can see what’s working and where we may need to shift our attention from our original plan. Because the internet is constantly evolving, a plan we outline today may need modifications several months from now. We’ve created a process that allows us to operate more fluidly to ensure we’re doing the right work for our clients at the right time.

Our clients are our partners, and our teams are passionate about the work we do for them. At Power Star Media, we’re all invested in your success.

“Your Success Is Our Success”

Harp Kaur, CEO
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