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Online Reputation Management

When you think about your practice as a brand, what comes to mind first? Your website? Your social media channels? Your business card, maybe?

Those are all valuable examples, but it’s important to remember that your brand is so much more than the sum of your promotional materials.

Particularly in the medical or cosmetic field, marketing your brand effectively depends on a strong foundation of patient trust. Online reputation management is all about safeguarding that trust and knowing exactly where you stand with patients.

Why Does Reputation Management Matter?

There’s no way around it: Your past patients (and prospective future patients) are going to talk about your business online. And what they say can often influence a person’s first impression of your value.

Reputation management means knowing all the places people are talking about you, listening to what they’re saying, and turning that conversation into a feedback loop.

Sounds simple enough — but there’s a lot to monitor. Here’s a small sample:

  • Ratings and reviews of your practice
  • Social media comments, tweets, tags
  • Comments on your blog
  • The accuracy of your business information online

Here’s How We Do It

First, let’s point out one thing: reputation management is never done. It’s ongoing. That means there’s a lot of crossover with your other marketing efforts, such as social media platforms and local optimization.

That said, a big part of reputation management is simply staying vigilant. We keep a close eye on your online reputation on popular rating and review platforms, and we claim and enhance profiles on the ones that matter most (think Google, Yelp, and Facebook, to name a few).

We also encourage your involvement when it’s warranted. If there’s a negative review out there, for example, a timely, respectful, and authentic response from your practice can go a long way toward building trust.

Of course, when those moments do arise, we’ll be there to provide guidance on the best ways to respond while keeping things like HIPAA compliance in mind.

Establish Your Reputation — As an Authority

The foundation of reputation management, as we’ve mentioned, is safeguarding your brand reputation and public perception.But it’s also much more than that. Participating in the conversation that’s already happening is important, but we go beyond that by helping you drive the conversation.

You’re already an authority on the procedures, treatments, or services you offer — and at Power Star Media, our expertise is in getting the word out about yours, through content marketing and other strategies that go hand in hand with reputation management.

“Your Success Is Our Success”

Harp Kaur, CEO
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