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Email Marketing

Many of us distinctly remember hearing, “You’ve Got Mail!” and for good reason. Email is an exciting and engaging medium, and email is a highly effective form of marketing. Despite the rise of social media and changes in generational communication preferences, email messages still reach 1 in 5 subscribers in the medical and beauty categories. Email marketing works, it’s cost effective, and it isn’t going away anytime soon.

For medical marketing strategies, email marketing should be at the top of your list because it’s a direct way to speak to prospects or your existing clients who want to hear from your practice or spa. At PSM we understand the importance of this tried-and-true marketing tool and we use this approach for many of our clients in their integrated marketing plans.

Why Email Marketing Is So Important for Your Business

Consistent email marketing efforts help your practice build relationships with prospects or nurture relationships with existing patients; create brand advocates; and most importantly, drive immediate buying behaviors.

It’s permission based marketing and as Seth Godin describes the term, “permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.”

Your email marketing subscribers are a pot of gold. They are already in your sales funnel and either thinking about choosing your practice or are considering coming back again. They have explicitly given you permission to communicate with them in their inbox (we like to think about it as someone inviting you to come into their home). They need to be nurtured without being harshly sold to. It’s a delicate communication process that we understand.

Your email distributions can cover several different topics:

  • In-office events
  • Specials
  • Information about procedures
  • Highlight before and after photos
  • Tease blog posts
  • Promote your social media efforts
  • Relevant articles from industry and popular press

The Benefits of Well-Executed Email Marketing

When email marketing is done correctly, it can provide many benefits to your business:

  • Builds trust and fosters relationships with email subscribers
  • Starts a conversation with clients and prospects. While your website waits for visitors, email delivers your information and special offers to subscribers.
  • Emails can easily be shared with the subscriber’s trusted network, therefore, spreading the word about your business
  • Integrates with other forms of marketing like social media campaigns and your blog

Partnership is incredibly important to us and your email marketing is no different than your website. We know your business goals, we understand your voice, and we know your website. With each client having a customized strategy, every email we create for our clients is unique to them and their brand.

“Your Success Is Our Success”

Harp Kaur, CEO
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